Siddhant a marketing enthusiast who was previously working at Mindvalley in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as a Business/Project Manager. He was an active member of AIESEC as a lead on branding and digital marketing, he is also recognized as a leader among his generation.

A computer student and marketer by training, Siddhant considers himself a team player first and foremost – one who stands for ideas and organizations that empower people to live healthier & happier, and magnify their potential. He seldom blogs about Business, Marketing and life experiences at

Siddhant is one of the most sought-after project leader for creative and engaging marketing projects. He has worked with likes of Nokia, LinkedIn, Coca-Cola and MTV to share creative solutions in engagement and brand positioning . He has good knowledge of an array of disciplines in digital marketing like social media, email marketing, content marketing and conversion rate optimization to name a few.

Siddhant was among the team which pioneered youth engagement by taking AIESEC to schools and virtual members in late 2010. He is known for his non-conventional wisdom and innovative solutions and ideas. With key interests in online marketing, branding and community engagement activities in 2012 during his term at the national office of AIESEC India, he also pioneered student ambassador program with Nokia India and LinkedIn India. He credits this to his fascination with design as a problem solving tool. This has led him to explore areas of service design and UI/UX by applying principles of design thinking to humanize businesses which has been mutually beneficial to all stakeholders. He has held leadership positions at all levels of the organization.

Honesty and integrity to his work are of key importance to Siddhant. He is a great believer of team work and the power of having positive role models at work. He also has a great experience in managing both big and small teams and working in diverse global teams.

Siddhant has travelled to 13 countries and worked in 4 including Egypt, Netherland, Malaysia and India. In his free time, Siddhant loves travelling, running, spending time outdoors and meeting new people.

Siddhant has worked persistently to contribute to the growth of the entity through his marketing  efforts and has proved to be an exemplary leader.

– Tanya Dubash
Executive Director and Chief Brand Officer, Godrej

As a Board Of Advisor for AIESEC India, I’m aware of the work and activites of the past few years. On the basis on my interaction with Siddhant, I’m convinced AIESEC produces high quality individuals who are hard working, motivated, committed and who will inevitably bring value to any organization.

– Ronnie Screwvala
Founder & Advisor, Unilazer Ventures
Founder & CEO UTV Group